Wednesday, September 01, 2010

De(ath)ja Vu

A third try for the Dogs of war against the Vampire counts of Jason, and as it happened a repeat of many engagements from the previous battle.

2,999 points per side, across a moderate amount of terrain. Both sides advanced aggressively and got stuck in. Each army was magic heavy, myself running a Level four and three level two wizards.

Once again the right flank saw my Knight and general on a winged lion taking on the Black Knights. Once again the ultimate result swung to the greater numbers of the Black knights, which told once the initial impact of my charge had been absorbed.

Elsewhere my Norsemen clashed again with a mass of undead, and after giving them a little scare were trapped by the Vargulf and destroyed. The same old story replayed.

The only variety really was the replacement of the Dire Wolves with a Black Coach, which rolled up my Left Flank.

Another good game, but one where the result was never in any doubt. The dogs failed to make the most of their advantages. The sharp eyed may have spotted my giant on the table at the start of the game, but he made no impact whatsoever; being destroyed by a spell almost straight away. Oh well, my big plan for smashing the undead lines fell apart immediately.

Ah well, what to do? Eh!

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