Wednesday, July 01, 2009

June painting totals

Well, I’ve pretty much reached a stage of having painted everything I had to hand modelwise. I don’t know whether I’m happy about that either, as I will end up kicking my heels without painting to do, or worse, spend money I haven’t got – except in paypal.

The latest items to be completed though are two more units of Union infantry; the 5th Maine, and the 16th New York in their characteristic straw boaters.

I’m glad I re-did the hats in the end, as they look both a lot more like the one photograph I found of them wearing the hat, and they ultimately look much nicer on the models. In general compared to the first two units I painted, these figures are more accurate in terms of how their kit is prepared, with grey or blue covered canteens, brass plates and for the 5th at least, darker uniforms.

So the brigade as it looks now, a tidy little army!

After these I knocked up another unit for my Dogs of War. I managed to get some old Empire plastic spearmen off eBay last summer, though they were not in a great state, they were only about a fiver.

I had to remove their shields and find a way to extend the spears into pikes. The varied thicknesses of the extensions looked horrible so I added the ribbons to the pikes to mask the join. I also had to fill numerous bits of damage to the shield arms, and in one case pretty much rebuild a figure in order to make up the numbers. Only the standard bearer was stock, he looks suspiciously like the army’s paymaster too.

Maybe he’s his twin brother. Anyway, the results are pleasing given the condition of the models.

So the running totals for the year so far are thus:

Bought: 14

Sold: 0

Painted: 134

The problem is I have only around 40 figures left to paint, and many of those I neither need to add to armies, or care to paint.

What next then?

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