Saturday, June 27, 2009

Post rant fallout

Well, I've had several responses to my post about the LWC; I've put them all up as I consider it only fair that it be a balanced argument. I'm not looking to make any enemies here, but I would contend, unlike one of the respondents, that I am entitled to my opinion, in public if I so wish it, as that is the point of the blog.

I also accept that what was written in one sitting, based on the experience of a couple of recent visits is probably not representative of the club over a long period of time. I did go overboard, but I still hold to my own opinions; which I did express rather excessively. I also recognise not everyone will agree with them; clearly most of the LWC are perfectly happy with their club. It would seem I should try visiting one of their Sunday games which sound like they'd be more to my expectations.

Still I hope that my post has got both sides thinking, and that is never a bad thing, is it?

As for insulting club members; well yes that certainly could be taken personally. But the 'American Football' fan observation is one you can see at most any gaming club, I've been to 5 different wargames clubs in the last few years and there was at least a couple in each one... Still it was a bit overboard. To that end I've chosen to remove the specific paragraph.

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