Friday, July 24, 2009

More 20mm for eBay

These things are so easy to do!

Once you get in to a routine with painting, it is easy to crank out the goods; especially when there is an incentive of generating a bit of money. Last weeks Italians sold instantly, maybe I'll do the same with these chaps:

26th Panzer Grenadier Regiment, made from the Valiant Miniatures sets. Took about 12 hours over four days.
Bases are a little bright perhaps, but they look nice and crisp.

A platoon or so of the 77th Division, US Army in the Pacific 1945. Made up of oddments really, so not much attempt at replicating a full Rapid Fire battalion.

Airfix US Marines. These were always one of my favourite sets of plastic 20mm models, the animation of the figures is just lovely, so natural. Thanks to a near total absence of kit, these guys probably took less than three hours to paint!

Right, I'm off to the pub, for the first time in ages, hooray!

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