Sunday, July 26, 2009

Future plans?

It's not the end of the month yet, so not time for a painting update really. But I considered what I had left to do and what I wanted to get on with a bit of late.

I signed up to the Leeds Nightowls painting challenge, with the grandiose declaration of producing a Anglo-Portuguese army in the next twelve months, starting from August. Personally, unless I go back to France again, I think that is a shoe-in. But what else did I have kicking around to do. Well a quick assessment says the following:

  • Two 24 man British infantry battalions
  • Two 24man French infantry battalions
  • 18 man Ottonian Frank infantry unit
  • 8 man Ottonian Frank cavalry unit

That totals to 114 infantry and 8 cavalry; before any additional purchases are required.

Purchasing desires? I wouldn't be a wargamer without any of those, but I have to keep in mind a) the Pledge - dont buy more than you paint/sell, and b) my present state of abject poverty. Still in the long term I boiled it down to four themes:

Napoleonic British; mostly Victrix at first.

ACW; Union artillery and command. A small element, mostly to round out what I've got as a little army rather than anything grander.

War of 1812; a dozen militia and 6 or so Dragoons. To give scenarios plenty of variety. Spare British models will be seconded to America for personalities and extra units.

20mm WW2; German or otherwise - these are my earning stream on ebay at present! Alas I've run out of supplies to paint.

Ancient Sparta. I'd no special interest in revisiting these until I saw previews of the new Wargames Factory Numidian infantry set (AKA Generic Light Infantry 500bc-100ad). I quite fancy a pack of these (28 figures for $20) to knock up a unit or two of peltast types. They may even produce an allied Hoplite unit at a pinch.

So until I next go for a rummage in my stores (80 miles away) that's what I'll be working on.

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