Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blunt's Spy.

Neil managed to get the base coat on some of his French this week; and came up with a scenario to boot. We tinkered with it a little as we went along, but it began based on one of Sharpe's many skirmishes.

The French were holed up in a Spanish farm, hunting a spy, unbeknowst to them, Riflemen, under Lt. Blunt, had found the French; but unaware of the spy were going to ruin everyone's day by torching the farm and killing the Frogs! The spy himself managed to make a run for it, and the game began at that point, with the spy and the firing party running away from the burning building, whilst the French sought to get the papers they needed and withdraw.

Too add to the complexity (perhaps too much for a short game) it was getting dark, and our activities were likely to alert both local Spanish patrols and the French main body.

In the end Lt. Blunt tried to save the Spy, once he realised he was about; but the French just managed to snatch the papers. Their local losses were severe, And at one point it looked like they would be cut off by the arrival of Spanish Junta troops. But the appearance of a Company of French (or at least their vanguard) and the onset of night, meant they were able to slip away. A good fun game; though already we are getting too ambitious. Our second game, and yet we used over forty figures, in a skirmish!

Elsewhere my eye was taken by an ancients came in the far east somewhere. The club is going through a phase of playing Impetus; a set of rules I don't know, but seem well received so far. I hope to try them soon...

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