Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ambush - Elfbush!

I'd arranged a game with one of the club regulars for Warhammer on the pretence of playing something other than a typical stand up fight. With that in mind I consulted a book every wargamer should own for inspiration:
Duly I used the Ambush scenario. Now it was to have been a match between my Dwarves and James' Chaos warriors; but on the day a first-timer turned up with a Wood Elf army, looking for a game. As we were the only Warhammer in town, I took on the role of Umpire and let them get on with it.

The deployment and rules were essentially as written by Mr Grant.

Though it became apparent straight away that despite his orders, the Wood Elf player was going to look to fight the enemy wherever possible. Though the wagons they needed to escort of the field were looked after a little, they moved too slowly to reach safety, and the best fighting force of the Elves was moving into the trees to find the Chaos warriors.

Find them they did, but they could easily have outrun them instead. As it was, losses and the repelling of Dryad attacks caused one wagon crew to panic and rout back into chaos' hands.

By nightfall (game end) the other had not made it off the table. Though locally the Chaos warriors were beaten soundly, they had done enough to stop the Elves from escaping with their prize.
I think James was surprised, and his opponent disappointed to find the game was declared a draw.


  1. "With that in mind I consulted a book every wargamer should own for inspiration"

    I took your advice and looked it up on Amazon. Changed my mind when I saw the $125 price tag.

    I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open at flea markets & book sales.

  2. It's still available in print in the UK! Though first editions would certainly have the collectors value that price tag suggests. It should be on ebay from about $15! Try a seller called 'The Keep' or 'Wargames Research Group' on google

  3. I wasn't disappointed at all - maybe a little knackered by the end wondering when night would fall - I thought my elves fought well - as it was only the second time I had used them, so I was trying to find out how they work.

  4. I will look into that! Thank you.

  5. TFA: Glad you enjoyed it, I'll admit I wasn't sure. Hope to see you again around the club....

  6. Hi Dean

    Thanks for organising the game. It was great to finally play the scenario after I had to postpone first time.

    I did enjoy playing the smaller objective-driven game. Also it meant that I had enough painted figures for whole army. I do need to add some Chaos Knights as a gard hitting hammer unit.

    Look forward to doing it again some time.