Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Final Dwarves

Yep, these are the very last unit I will ever paint for my Warhammer Dwarf army. And that I am rather happy about. It's a unit of Iron Breakers, made entirely of classic metal miniatures sourced from eBay. Some of those chaps are twenty years old!
Lots of great character, though I'm a little disappointed with how the shields came out, not my best work; but as I'm glad to be finished with them, they'll do!

Also I had a Bloodbowl figure from some joblot or other, whom with the addition of a (rather crude) axe, became a Demonslayer, should I ever fell the need to field one of them.

Lastly, for today, a sneak preview of my next project. Can you tell what it is yet? Suffice to say the painting versus buying totals took a big hit recently...


  1. does it feature North America?
    and let you sing Lonnie Donegan songs!

    Dave Tuck