Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1812 – The Bluecoats are Coming.

Next off the press is a unit of American infantry for the War of 1812. This s only a small unit, intended for skirmish gaming and so they aren’t based in multiples and don’t contain the more obvious command luxuries.

The unit is the 17th US regular infantry, who saw service in Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. The information on the uniforms came from the excellent Blandford Press The United States Infantry – An Illustrated History 1775-1918, which features loads of information and of course illustrations.
The figures are of course the Perry plastics, but to take on the role of American troops they needed a number of modifications. Firstly their packs all needed amending. I cut off the blanket rolls and re-cut the straps across the tops of the packs; then the rest was a simple repaint to represent the blue cover over the blanket. The Shakos were basically the same as the Peninsular War pattern, but are always featured lace, which the Perry’s do not. This was a simple fix however, using thread and superglue to construct. The biggest job however was the work to create and officer from the spare sergeant; lots of trimming to avoid belt straps leading nowhere.
Slightly out of focus there, but you get the idea.
The painting took a fair while too, the variety of details were interesting but meant that every time you thought you were finished there was a bit more to add. Of note are the very dark coats of the regiment, achieved by over-brushing deep blue over pure black.

So now there are opponents for the riflemen; and next up, aside from an actual game with them, is this little group of figures; with a very particular role to fulfil.

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