Thursday, July 16, 2009


A quick one this; I painted up a unit of Italian infantry over the weekend; made up from various oddments in my collection of plastics.

Simple enough chaps with a neat but basic black wash technique. 35 models in total.

Sold within hours of going on ebay to a regular client for £35. Pretty satisfied with that.
Especially as there is another unit, this time US infantry in the Pacific, in the pipeline.
If this does show anything though (other than, look I sell stuff!), it's that you can take up this hobby fairly cheaply. One box of the Waterloo 1815 Italian light artillery, married with a pack or two of their Italian infantry (I'd suggest one each of the Folgore and El Alamein sets) for example will provide enough pieces for a couple of battalions of Rapid Fire troops, plus support. Enough to get an army started for about £12.
Of course there are plenty of options when you go down such routes; and your chosen rules may have an influence. But in these days of excellent plastic figures, and wargame specific models for a few quid each. There is no reason why you can't assemble a small army of 20mm WW2 models - perhaps a hundred infantry and two to four tanks - for the price of one box of Games Workshop* plastics. It's not as if the free rules aren't out there, and there is no need to paint anything at first; or ever in the case of some gamers ;-)
In short, this little project got me thinking. Maybe it should you too?
*Other overpriced fantasy gaming companies exist, and they could all be tarred with this same brush.

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