Saturday, August 01, 2009

July Painting Update

So it's that time of the month again, time to review.

Lets be honest, I've spent most of July as a job hunting house-husband. This means that between the usual activities, there's been a lot of time for painting. The latest with photo's is my first line infantry unit for the Peninsular; the 9th East Norfolk:

Yes, more Perry mini's. They are an absolute bugger to paint too. It took around 15 hours to paint the 24 of them. As someone used to the level of detail on GW miniatures and the level of uniform on ancients ,this represented about twice the effort.

They are based initially with March of Eagles in mind, But I understand that 'Napoleon' from Wargames Foundry uses the same convention of 40mm square bases. I suspect that they'll work for most other rule sets, though at this point I haven't a specific set in mind.

Obviously, I haven't done the standards yet. It seems the 9th had a generic enough standard, but as I haven't been able to prove that yet, I'm waiting until I can see some evidence.

Subsequently, I've painted a Spanish Junta unit, which was considerably quicker; being based on French uniforms, with less fiddly lace. And I've noted the hundred-plus WW2 figures I've churned out. Pleasingly they've all sold for my hoped for prices, making me enough to invest in more models (sigh! inevitable, though I did use some of it to pay real bills instead).

So what are the totals?

I make it as:
  • Bought: 326
  • Sold: 111
  • Painted: 343

Therefore I've added 232 figures to my own collection this year so far. In terms of ratio's, it's took a massive dip since last month's high water mark, when I'd pretty much run out of models to paint. But thanks to my free time I've at least managed to keep the painted total above the bought, and it would have been a lot better if I'd not succumbed to some cheap Victrix figures, from Northstar.

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