Thursday, September 17, 2015

Victrix News: Ancient Spanish on way...

Victrix are a company I like, their products grace at least three of my gaming armies (Napoleonic Brits, French and my Spartans).  Their now tooling on their latest project, Spanish for the Punic Wars:

If I had any criticism of Victrix in the past it would've been that their models were rather static, compared say to the Perry's.  Not so this pack it seems.  I look forward to this lot, although I don't game the Punic wars directly, I can see the potential for this set kit bashed into Hebrew sicarii or Dogs of War duellists, or....

Their news announcement contains lots more detail, and some tasty morsels for the future too.  Ooh, exciting!


  1. I vote yes for victrix figures although I only have Greeks currently they are great sculpts and fantastic value as well.