Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Austrian Infantry: IR.10

Were getting close to reports of actual games again folks, but in the mean time I've been able to make good progress on my Austrians.  Here's the start of a second brigade for the 1st Corps; IR.10 - the Anton Mittrowsky Regiment:

These are the Warrior Miniatures march attack poses and very pretty castings they are too.  Not world class, sure, but exactly what you want from a 15mm rank and file figure; neat castings of a good quality.

For these chaps a shot from the rear is justified.  On the first two regiments I skimped on painting the leather kit on the blanket rolls, but by this unit I felt that was just lazy and so... more detail than a model a centimetre and a half tall really ever requires.

One more infantry unit, some cavalry and some artillery and the core of the army - enough figures for a game anyway - will be done.



  1. They look great; I agree, marching rank and file looks the best with Napoleonics.

  2. Very smart - the uniforms look great especially the white. I'm doing French 15mm AWI at the moment and the white can be a pain.

  3. Dannoc: The white is a very simple scheme here; simply two or three over brushes of any pure white over a light grey under coat. Naturally this is the first 'colour' applied to the prepared models. A two part Vallejo matt varnish, one part Army Painter Strong Tone mix is applied to the final model for added definition.

  4. White is not easy...and you've done an excellent job!