Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Austrian 15mm: Jager's and Artillery

I return to study for my Masters Degree this week, so that will soon become the latest interruption to the progress of painting as I find myself embroiled in reading on Project Management and the like instead.  Still there is a backlog of painting (and games!) to report, and I'm closing on the completion of my target for my initial 15mm Austrian army.

A fourth regiment has now been added, this being the first break from the all white scheme to date.  This is a Jager battalion; notionally the 2nd, who were brigaded alongside IR.10 at Aspern-Essling:

Jager Regiment in line
A chance to get away from that white, Iron grey is certainly an easier colour to work with.  Having both elements of the Brigade It was time for a commander to appear, In this case I went with their Divisional commander, as the rest of his force was cavalry, Here is Fieldmarshal Lieutenant Fresnal, with an aide from IR.10 by his side.
Lastly for this post, I painted a Grand Battery's worth of cannon, after all, I only needed to paint 12 gunners for 4 guns so it wasn't too much effort:

A lot of cannon!
I think I've managed the uniforms and guns well enough, these are Austrian 6 pounders - the only model Warrior Miniatures offers for their Austrians, but it does come with the characteristic horse artillery seat to add variety.  I'll save that for the second battery.

A little more cavalry and a third general and I'll have hit my target for autumn.

Time to try and arrange a debut in battle for them...


  1. Nicely done, love the cannons!

  2. Yes WW, the whole army so far is Warrior. I know some of their older ranges have aged badly (unless you equate terms like 'Old School' & 'retro charm' with a lack of anatomical realism and detail) but these seem pretty recent and by a competent sculptor, they aint going to worry the finest manufacturers out there, but for the price (about 20p a figure) they are hard to fault.