Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lord Hastinge's retinue Returns

Ok, so I am not getting any games of Lion Rampant at the moment, or many wargames at all, but I have still been painting, and indeed the painting output has spiked in the last few weeks.  Not surprisingly really, ahem.

The long and fraught process of finishing another unit of Feudals is complete; given that we are talking about a whole SIX models I find it laughable these took me two and a half months to finish.

Still here we are.

As knights on foot, these troops have staying power useful amongst the marshy bogs of Ireland, if not mobility.  Each one is an actual historical figure, with heraldry selected to show their alliance to Lord Hastinge, i.e. they are all in the base Or et Gules colours of Hastinge's retinue, but suggesting their lower prominence they all feature a third colour too.

Left to right they are the following:

  • Thomas Paynell
  • Andreu de Sakeville
  • Sire de Audenard
  • Peres de Hontigfeld
  • John de Camoys
  • Alisandre de Chene

I thought with this set I'd finally cracked the water effect, by leaving it to dry for several days between layers, but then two of them cracked as a result; I can only conclude that there is no way of using the material over filler without it cracking or peeling and that is something I will have to live with.  That said, I have found that a simple application of ink wash to the damage made it all but invisible.

And yes, some of you may be frothing with the thrill of seeing old-school Games Workshop Feudals painted up.  These are indeed originals from my collection bought in the 1980's and for many years quite averagely painted.

Better now.
One of them in fact is actually an even older Regiment of Reknown figure - pre-slottabase no less.  A long swim in Dettol and these chaps were glad to be under the brush once again, most for at least the third time.

Lord Hastinge will be glad of their resilience!


  1. Lovely work on these classic figures.

  2. Regiment of Renown model in there? Award yourself +1 Glory every time he survives a Lion Rampant game!

  3. Lovely work and thanks for sharing it.