Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Cheapest Roads Imaginable?

Whilst doing the weekly shop, I often find myself on the lookout for a bargain or two I can make serve gaming needs. This week was no exception and I may well have come up trumps.

You see it is fairly common knowledge I guess that doormats can turn into a variety of fields; I recently started a home scenery collection (not for the first time) with an off-cut of coir doormat for wheat fields, but I was  also on the lookout for a proxy for ploughed fields.  So I'm in Morrisons - one of our British Supermarkets foreign readers - and I find just such a doormat:

Possibly the least exciting picture on the blog, ever.
The one online is rather dark looking but in store it was a mid brown colour and a good size.  Best of all a mere 99p.  

Idly I thought I could make use of it, and turned it over to roll up and bung in my trolley, under a quid was no great loss for some terrain.  I then saw the back of the mat was even more useful!

The back is a textured rubberised finish, non-slip, in black.  Being a cheap mat the overall product was pretty thin and I realised that whilst one side would work fine as ploughed fields, the other could be painted as even better road surfaces.

Sure enough, a set of scissors and some drybrushing saw the whole mat converted in a matter of under an hour.

Four fields and about eight feet of road: £1
If you need something cheap, tough and effective, I can't imagine anything better.  Keep your eye out for them...


  1. Aha! Just the sort of thing I've been looking for!

  2. I've been using these to make medieval ridge and furrow field patterns. Never thought to use these as road system. Great idea and will be trying it out over the weekend.