Friday, September 25, 2015

Imperial Assault - More Figures

No clever title again today, just some nice output from the painting table*.  Lots of Star Wars product in this post, why? well, I'm playing Imperial Assault regularly, so that's a good enough reason, but also they are surprisingly simple to paint well.  I'm getting pleasing results with limited highlights followed by a glazed wash.  This means even the biggest of the models takes no time.

 I'm trying to keep to cinematic paint schemes where appropriate - we'll see what breaks that rule in a little while - and so in many cases, such as the AT-St above that actually means relatively litle detailing.  No insignia, no paint markings, movies tend to skimp on such things when it's not that important.  One must presume that vid-screens and the like help commanders identify their unit walkers in combat, as nothing else would single this one out.
For the Emperor
 The same is true of the Imperial Royal Guard above and the E-Web gunners (Scout troopers) below:
'Pew-Pew' noises mandatory
 There's also the probe droid.  My memories of it from 'Empire' wereas virtually black, but production shots I found showed it to be more of a deep grey:
Bleep, etc...
 The same was not the case for you know who:

A disturbance in the Force
 How do you make Vader look like more than just an undercoated model?  Well theres a fine highlight to the blacks - infact very deep grey to give the shaded wash something to work with - and the helmet and other parts are finished with gloss varnish to get the right finish.  But the main thing here is one of my rare forays into OSL (Off Source Lighting); trying to give the impression of Lord Vader's lightsaber; illuminating him somewhat.  I've not gone overboard, and could've done a little more, but I think it works.

All the outright bad guys covered for this group, next the 'neutral' Trandoshan Hunters:

Lizard guys in a flight suit
 In the original trilogy, the only Trandoshan I recall is Bossk, one of the bounty hunters first seen alongside Boba Fett.  These models are similar, but not identical and so clearly not meant to specifically be Bossk.  The massive rucksack in particular is a bit odd, but I guess in their role as bounty hunters they need something to carry suitable provisions and restraints in.  Since finishing these, I've decided to change the bases to reflect their being part of a different faction in game.  After all Imperials are on grey, and Rebels...

 ...On brown!  I also managed to do a couple of the heroes from the set the Wookie and the Twi'lek.

And from behind.
A little bit of of highlighing for sure, but the Wookie's thick fur was done by a wash over the base colour, a highlight and then a second wash.  Simplicity itself.

Last but not least is the Hero of the Rebellion himself, Luke Skywalker:

Again, simplicity, and the model virtually painted itself.

So I'm now about halfway through the models for the core box and it's supplements.  Time for a small break for some other subjects I think.

*In truth, there is no table, I paint with a small tray on my lap at the minute.

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