Monday, September 21, 2015

Dungeon Delvers

A few weeks ago I showed you some of the dungeon-crawl foes I'd been working on, well today lets have a look at some of the heroes I've completed to date.  First up a mighty warrior:

 Although dubbed a fighter on the back of his base, I think he is well enough armed for the likes of a paladin or similar.  I was especially happy with the rich reds on this model.  Next up a gnome or halfling thief:

I think this is a female model, the armour makes the anatomy, err, unclear.  I liked the jewel but some of the detail was a bit lost with my techniques.

This one is clearly a cleric or priest of some kind:

 There's around 6 layers of white to build up over the very lightest of grey bases.  I was really pleased with this one, and the next; a fine wizard:

 I used a fine (0.05) pen for the runic work, I'm not up to doing it with a brush.  Moving on, a wood Elf Rogue or Ranger:

 Not my favourite of the six but some of the greens are nice, I was especially pleased with the hood here.  Finally what party of adventurers doesn't need a stout Dwarf at its' heart:

Some Celtic and Viking themes on this chap are hardly surprising.

As you may realise, these are all plastic Reaper Bones models from the first Kickstarter set.  All in all this first set of six were a pleasure to paint, at a time when I was doing precious little else.  Ordinarily I find working on individuals slows overall output down though, and these fit into that mould.  Nonetheless, fun to do.

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  1. Some great figures, sir. They should make a most brave and adventurous party.

    -- Jeff