Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fiasco teaser....

A nightmare journey meant I couldn't offer promised lifts to the show to friends as my car died once again.  Instead I had to jump the train to make the show.  I spent a couple of hours taking photo's and chatting to friends - there was however very little shopping, less than £20 on my part.  A full photo report to follow, but for today, here's a teaser of the Night Owls Zulu game.

Mark did some sterling work on the teddy bear fur to get it looking, well pretty much believable, a half dozen club members including myself churned out the models for the display - including by my count over 450 Zulus.  Andy produced the buildings and other scenery - mostly from the Warlord Games set.

The Fantasy game was equally impressive, but more on that in a day or so...

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