Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here come the Blue Lizards!

They were too tempting, I caved and rather than go gaming, sat and ploughed through painting my Lizardmen army.

Now when it came to a colour scheme, I didn't want to go with anything green, as they'de have just looked like Goblins or Orcs at the scale they are (actually - up close they Pendraken models are nicely detailed and distinctive; but for the 'Two Foot' test colour would be critical).  Thankfully nature has plenty of evidence for vivid reptile hues, and I was taken with a bright blue chap:

Indeed there are many species of blue lizards worldwide, so why not create an army of them.  And so I would.

Apologies for the lower quality images, I had to make do with the Mobile Phone for these, as my camera is temporarily unavailable!

I guess about ten hours were spent to build and paint the whole army.

A few units in close up.  I started by undercoating everything black and then dry-brushing the bases from brown up to a desert sand.  Flock was chosen over static grass as it would be less obscuring in this scale, but wasn't added until the rest of the painting was done.

I then added the bright blue flesh in a couple of stints, before using a live palette (i.e. mixing wet paint as I worked to produce varied shades) to do the loincloths and weapons.  Then it was a matter of detailing.  With a fine brush and a steady hand this is not too onerous a task on pre based figures of this scale; but a final retouch with the blue was still required, as this close up work still results in the odd sloppy bit of work or missed area being identified for a repaint.

Characters and shields got a little extra attention, and I had fun making tiny standards for the units and the army heralds:

Larger critters were done in a more traditional reptilian green with even some highlights and the eyes touched in.  Overall though, the work was essentially flat colours.  The shading was simply a layer of Army Painter Strong Tone applied with a brush, from their dropper bottle range not the thick stuff in a can.  It seems to work really well!

Lastly a shot of the Cocatricosarus, pride of the army thus far:

A pleasing result, and once packed into their new home I find there's room for at least three times as many troops - or perhaps an opposing army to accompany them; in due course.

Also the observant cant miss the adobe hut and Tudor house in the background of the army shot.  Some high density foam was put to good use to build some scenery for this scale to add to the club supplies...