Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pledge time Again...

So every good wargamer should try to paint at least as many models as they buy.  A high ideal, but as we all know we tend to buy more instead.

This quarter has ended up as an acceptable one for thinning out the figure pile.  At the end of September I managed to knock out some quicky stuff:

The 2nd New Jersey regiment.  These chaps have a temporary stay of execution, having been in the 'Sales Pending' stack for a while, but I've decided at least to finish the miniatures I have before committing to that.  They always make a refreshing change to paint, being easy and quick.

I managed to find a decent reference for the regimental standard, but the uniform has to assume they wore a standard attire.

Those were so quick, I found myself with a gap in the (actually none-existent, I just pick stuff on a whim) painting schedule.  I dipped into the boxes and found two WW2 kits my brother got me back when my family actually thought about what I'd want for Xmas (about 2002 IIRC!).  Assembling old Hasegawa kits was interesting, they seem surprisingly dated, even for quite good models.  Still better than a lot of resin and metal wargaming models, though three hours assembly is rarely the case with those:

No fancy stuff going on here, just the usual painting style.

All told July to September generated the following:

  • The entire Dystopian Wars French fleet
  • 12 Swiss Handgunners
  • 10 Orc Warriors
  • 4 Goblin Heroes and Wizards
  • 10 Dark Elves
  • 3 Orc and Goblin Chariots
  • 1 Troll
  • 6 Hobgoblin cavalry
  • 24 Portuguese
  • 18 American Civil War Union infantry
  • 1 88mm Flak 36 gun and limber
For an effective total of 163 points, just below that of the first quarter but well above the second.  A running total of 422, so above my objective of 360 for the year with three months to go.

Guess I can slow down now!

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