Thursday, October 11, 2012

Other hoots from the Night Owls...

Whilst I was turning back the tides of Carthage, other gamers in the club had a variety of games going on:

Since the new edition of Warhammer 40k, there has been a modest rejuvenation of the game at the club.  Here Al's Sisters of Battle face off against George's Ultramarines.

Elsewhere the historical lads were having a first go with Bolt Action:

The initial conclusion; "it's 40k for World War Two".

So in essence, two of the same game!  Sort of...

It never hurts to remind readers, some of you may be new to the blog, that the Leeds Night Owls runs every Sunday (except for Fiasco, on the 28th of this month) from 10:00am till 3:00pm (or later) at The Farsley Conservative Club - 51 Town St, Farsley, Pudsey, West Yorkshire, LS28 5HX.  We play all manner of historical, fantasy, sci-fi and boardgames.  If you're a local feel free to join us!

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