Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scaling down - Part Two

Scales of a different matter today.

I am not a Kings of War haterz, see; I just bought a new army for it, and the shiny new hard back rule book.

Indeed at the Night Owls, Kings of war is having a little resurgence  with efforts to begin a KoW League, and games being organised in 28mm and 10mm.  To that end, and with plenty of PayPal cash in the wargaming kitty, I went shopping on the net for the rulebook and a new army to inspire me.

I managed to get the rules for a bargain price of £18 inc P&P from the considerably less than the RRP and fast delivery too.  I'd already pondered a new race, and knew I wanted something that A) could not double for a historical force - so I wouldn't be tempted to turn it into Saracens, Mongols or whatever; and B) must be a race I'd never done before - which eliminated Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Humans and Undead from the book.

Rummaging around 10mm figure manfacturers, Pendraken eventually seemed to have the best choice, though frustratingly I had to look around for images of the models.  In the end I plumped for Lizardmen, as there are several ranges providing a variety of poses and breeds of critter.  Of the available army lists, they looked to have a place within the Twilight Kin, which has provision for bestial cavalry, monsters (dinosaurs then) and so on.  With a little bit of imagination the Lizard Kin would take shape.

At about the same time I found a damaged Marauder Miniatures Cockatrice in a box, the wings had broken off.  Ifigured it'd make a good base for a Lizardman monster, and so I had a go at sculpting some arms and so forth:

I remained concerned as to whether it'd scale up right but that'd have to wait for the Pendraken models to arrive.

Oh the waiting...

Pendraken not renowned for speedy dispatch times, two weeks after ordering I received my confirmation email, that they were in the post.  The next day they arrived:

Six bags of mostly Tribal Lizardmen spearmen, with some cavalry, characters and skirmishers.  95 models for less than £20.  First things first, I selected one of the Lizardman spears and, freed of his base, converted him into a rider for the dino-bird.

I may yet add reins but overall it was satisfyingly scaled.  From there I went on with basing up the troops.  I'd bought the numbers of models I had on the presumption that I'd be able to put about 15 infantry on a 40mm square base, and around half that number on a 40x20mm base.

Turns out the Lizardmen are pretty large - about 13mm to the top of their heads, and a wide stance what with tails and all.  So the most I could squeeze onto the square base was nine models.

On the plus side, this meant my giant troops fielded rather more stands than intended:

Enough for a 2000 point army of Lizard Kin.

Also, I'll easily fit all these in just a small part of their assigned storage box, so I can add more troops of a more modest size or different races when these are painted.  Which shouldn't take long.

Once current projects are out the way...


  1. Looks great! You did a really good job with that 're-imagining' there. I have to ask though, how do you manage to paint them up with the figures already attached to the bases? You must have a sure hand and a good technique!


  2. A steady hand helps, but there'll only be four or five colours per model and much of that can be detailed with either washes or a drybrush.

    We shall see...

  3. Looking forward to showing them how an Ogre Blunderbuss works... hur hur hur!