Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Schoolboy errors - KoW

Another game of Kings of war, the last for now I suspect, as I have discovered I need a lot more figures to win the arms race with Ross' Elves (though as mine are all painted I can at least claim a moral victory!)

Much like my recent Warhammer game as undead, the result hung on a calculated gamble and a dice roll or two that crucially failed to go my way.

I made use of the new undead advance rules to rush across the table; under the latest tweak of the Kings of War (KoW) rules, undead have something of the Celtic Warband about them, with an ability to cover ground swiftly. Ross saw a chance for his cavalry to take a horde in the flank and did so, but like baiting the enemy queen with a Rook, it was - I like to think - a well conceived trap.

Unlike Chess though, in wargames nothing is so certain, Ross' knights did their work but looked set to be destroyed by a rear charge that would leave his centre in disarray. But when the undead magic needed only three rolls of 4 on eight D6 to make it's crucial charge, I got only two.
Bloody typical!
I continued out of politeness after that as the elven cavalry chewed it's way down the flank lines of my army, and the Skeletal remnants were simply not up to the task of defeating the enemy

Lesson learned, don't expose you flank, produce a steady advance unless your enemy exposes his flanks to you.

Not rocket science really.


  1. How do you find KoW? Is it a good game?

  2. http://www.manticgames.com/SiteData/Root/File/Kings%20of%20War%20Closed%20Beta%20Rules.pdf

    This is the beta test set, which has one or two very minor differences to the set which comes free in all the mantic boxed sets.


    3 core army lists. I should note the undead surge rule is not covered in the rules pdf above. Basically works like other 'magic' 4+ result on dice gives unit 1 inch of extra movement.

    I think the rules are very good, and make for a faster game than WFB!

  3. I am really liking the KoW rules as well; they brought me back to 28mm fantasy in full force!

    Anyway, I feel your pain in regards to the flank charges. My undead have sorely under-estimated the vulnerability of the flank and rear against the elves more than once. It's great to see some Kings of War action!