Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Flog it - 40k Ork Army

Well, it's with a complete absence of mixed feelings that I put my 40k Ork army on eBay this evening:

I've threatened to do so for some time, and finally got my ass in gear and stuck them online.

3,000 points or more of well to excellently painted Orks, and a mass (over 20) of scratchbuilt or converted vehicles.

I guess for me I enjoyed building and painting the models far more, it turned out, than playing the game. 40k is a simple system, ruined by the add ons and special rules in the various army books; which leave it so confusing to play that a regularly finished a game wondering why I'd bothered to endure such tedium!

Such a pity.

If you still have love for the game, why not consider making my unique collection your own. It's on eBay here.

You'd be funding bigger and better projects in the future...

1 comment:

  1. I find it sad that you sold your orks after "months" of painting. Hopefuly you bought something new and interesting for yourself to keep you bussy again. greatings frederik viaene.