Monday, November 22, 2010

Yet more Dogs Business

Mmm yes, all over the place isn't it? In this particular instance of course I refer to my Warhammer army, now nearing some kind of conclusion, for the time being anyway.

A mass of oddments needed completing, and some of them are still on the go; but this is the first of three character models underway.

Another classic Dogs of War model I've been gifted.

The next unit comes from Black hat Miniatures, at the very reasonable price of £8 for three models; something I'd wanted to add to the army for some time. Centaurs:

And so we have a (rather distant) army shot of the whole force at present. Some 200+ models.

I think it's time to begin a new fantasy project, I have a pile of undead to do of course, but they are going to be a simple jobs and are not a new project. There are a handful of Dogs of War to complete at the minute and may be new units in the future, but as yet nothing pressing.

Rather I am considering something radical for me, an altogether more creative project; exactly what is yet to be precisely clear, but the ideas are forming.

Stay tuned...

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