Monday, November 15, 2010

A Big Box of Goodies

Not mine you understand, but for the club; one of my regular WFB opponents and all round good egg, Jason, donated a mass of resin buildings and trench works for 15/20mm gaming. A Flames of War collection he felt he no longer needed for his forces!

It literally filled this carrying crate!
So anyway, after baulking at the task before me I eventually dug out a selection of the models and set to work. Thankfully Jason had painted all of the models already, but only to a basic level; but one that served well as a base coat. My task was only to drybrush and add a little texture to the models.

Thus I set up a little production line. The trick to jobs lie this is a simple method, and volume...

Within two hours then I'd managed to complete the following:

About four feet of trench, with supporting minefields, tank traps and strong-points. Also two out of six buildings I eventually finished.
The terrain is Kerr and King apparently, and really nice it is too. Obviously 15mm, but with the trenches designed to accommodate Flames of War bases, there's plenty of space for 20mm models to fit in.

Problem is I've still at least as much extra terrain to finish, maybe twice as much. It's going to take of while...

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  1. But think of how nice it will be when it is all done and available for games.

    -- Jeff