Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kings of War - Mhorgoth's Revenge

Got hold of the new boxed starter set for Mantic Miniatures' Kings of War fantasy rules, and a great little bundle it is too.
The large box, essentially of the size of other well known companies starter sets is absolutely packed with models, by my reckoning 116 pieces as shown below:

And in fact it would be possible to stretch that number even further, by judicious use of the various little extras on the sprues.

The contents are Undead and Dwarves. Now I've gone on record in the past as not really liking the Dwarves, GW has them to a tee so far as I'm concerned. They're fine models, but not my tastes. Still this was no problem as Ross at the club was happy to swap the Dwarves for the Undead from his own copy, soon enough I had a 130+ models to cram back in the box.

Alongside that you get a copy of the complete rules, all 12 pages of them! And the background fluff, company magazine and dice one might expect in a set like this.

No unique bonus models or terrain, and no 'whippy sticks' differentiate this from its' major competitor but frankly for the price I'm not complaining. With my swaps and the initial discount I got on the set my purchase worked out as 24p per figure!

Even that aside, with a retail price of £40 and 110+ figures, it competes well with the £60 tag for 74 models of the latest edition of Warhammer; even if that does provide a much more substantial rule book.

Overall, for fantasy battle fans this is a great intro set, with plenty to get a new player or veteran enthused.

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