Saturday, November 13, 2010

28mm Plastic Roundup

Well after a quiet couple of weeks on the blog, and certainly not mentioning much on the 28mm plastic historics front lately, there's now so much to get in!

First up, Victrix announced plastic Austrians in no less than four variants, below is a sample shot of the line infantry in helmets:

They are also set to produce their long mooted Ancient Greeks soon too.

Wargames Factory recently announced Marlburian Infantry: packs of 36 for around the £15-18 mark:

On top of which they have released Saxons and I think are about to release Norman cavalry.

Warlord Games are adding British Tommies to their Plastic WW2 Germans already available.

Conquest Games have just entered the scene, with their own range of Norman Knights:

I should also mention that HaT Industries are on with Islamic medieval Spanish cavalry and more variations of French Napoleonic troops, as well as their own take on Prussian infantry; whilst lastly the Perries have announced their upcoming release of Late Medieval Mercenaries; news not yet on their website though known to be in development for some time. A set to encompass Pikemen, Crossbowmen and Handgunners. It's a pack that will soon find it's way in to my Dogs of War army, I'm sure!

There seems to be no abatement to the the flood of plastic historics being released!

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