Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swapping Sides

Warning, the following blog entry contains painting and basing that some viewers may find distressing. Those of a sensitive nature should turn away now.

So myself and Jason have tussled between my Dogs of War and his Vampire counts several times this year; but both of us own each army, and so I relented (having permitted them back on a table for KOW) to using my hideous undead for a rematch with the sides reversed.

Now, I'd not so much as read the new VC army list, but I knew what units seemed to work for Jason so that was a starting point; for Jason's part, he was able to conjure up a DOW army to match a VC force, which would also give me ideas of how to tackle his force in future.

I went with a Pair of thirty strong Skeleton regiments, back up by a 20 strong spear armed unit and a 18 strong unit of Graveguard with Great Weapons. An 8 strong unit of Black Knights accompanied two of my Characters for punch, Whilst a spirit host and Bat Swarm covered the other flank as a high mobility attack.

By Contrast Jason used two very large pike blocks and a massive unit of Bearmen, led by Beorn the Werebeast. Those aside he had a unit of Crossbows, A unit of (unpainted, rather spectral) light horse, a smaller unit of knights and some militia.

I advanced to open trying to draw his frenzied troops out of the line, whilst My Knights seemed to draw all the fire. I wasted a unit of Dire Wolves attacking his light horse. The Spirit host and bats threatened his flank, but as yet Jason was rightly unconcerned.

In time, Magic wiped out my Knights for no loss to Jason, though my Characters split up and the Wight Lord with them at least was able to chase off the phantomic light horse. A unit of Ghouls did what the Knights could not and charged the enemy heavy cavalry.

The rest of the Skeleton host formed a well anchored fighting line and set the trap for the Bearmen to fall in to.

Which they did, committing the rest of his line to a risky charge. It nearly paid off, but the Necromancer leading the unit of undead they charged just survived (on one wound; about the only bit of luck going my way!) leaving the Beserkers high and dry for a flank charge.

In went the Graveguard and the Vampire general. The fight didn't go well, the Vampire was unluckily slain; but enough was done, only snake eyes would save the Bearmen and allow Jason's centre not to be gutted...

1,1. The roll of two dice destroyed any hope I had of a victory. Instead of crashing in to the flank of his next unit causing panic and disarray, and perhaps allowing me to continue the breakthrough. The Bearmen turned to face their foe.

It was as good as over.

The Dice gods betrayed me at every turn in this game, and I had every chance to win once the trap was laid. Granted my flank forces performed dismally and in terms of Magic I was completely out classed (I summoned 5 skeletons all game). I have a lot to learn about using the VC, and as I have another 130 models to paint for the army I should get learning.

But ultimately when you need threes to hit, and roll 5 one's, and 3 two's on twelve dice; something is trying to tell you it's just not your day...

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