Sunday, June 20, 2010

Victrix Artillery Ready

I got hold of the Victrix British Foot Artillery a few weeks ago, a little after their official release; and was able to assemble and paint them pretty quickly.

The figures themselves are typical of the Victrix fare to date. They hold the usual detail and have caricatured faces bristling with expression.

The cannons are by contrast simply excellent, with in-scale wheels cambered outwards, drag-chains and all the fiddly detailing carried out finely. As you can see there are options to build howitzers as well as 6 and 9 pounder cannon.

Unlike metals, the plastic allows you to build a great variety of crew activities. Within my battery, each gun is a vignette of it's own with differing actions going on. You get 15 crew in total, but I found that with the size of the guns, four to a base was the only practical option, when basing for Napoleon.

On top of this there are three limbers and a variety of other options available on the sprues.

All in all an excellent value set allowing a plastic artillery battery to be assembled for around half to two thirds the price of a metal one.

However I also find myself with three spare Napoleonic field guns in metal. So what to do with them to make any use of 'em? Well As it happens, the guns were suitable for most nations, but not the British themselves. A quick trawl of the net and the Front Rank website provided a cheap enough solution. The clue is in the picture...


  1. Lovely work on these. A splendid battery!

  2. Spanish.

    I like the officer with the bald head - a nice touch there. Nice work as ever.

  3. I'm impressed with the Victrix you've done up - the artillery battery have turned out very nicely. I too like the idea of the plenty of variety possible with building plastic figures. Now one lot have done it in 28mm lets hope a few more follow!


  4. Is that Charles Grant commanding those guns ?

    Very nice though Dean, thanks for showing us these models.