Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Guns of Farsumagru

So there is no point hanging around with this, as these models were a really quick job; finished in parallel with my British Artillery.

The aim with the model cannon was to emulate the appearance of Renaissance artillery, whilst also trying to mask the (to me) obvious provenance of the various parts to a much later period. In the raw the model looked very disjointed. But I'm more than happy with the painted result.

The crew are Dogs of War originals, and were a simple job, though close scrutiny of them suggests that another base coat of yellow would have made them look tidier. I only added a few details, and tried to unify the look of the miniatures as much as possible.

Hopefully, after the usual first-game jinx, these chaps will out perform the generally uninspiring Dwarven mercenaries...


  1. That looks very nice painted up. Awesome job. Dean

  2. They look good to me. Good luck using them.

  3. I am a big fan of this time period. Maybe one day i will play table top war gaming, if i can find someone to play with, and my wife allows me to take over the table.