Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bonchuang - June 1944

British infantry supported by a Matilda II tank advanced on the shallow crossing of the river at Bonchuang in central Burma. Knowing that the Japanese had a limited disposition of infantry on the opposite bank.
Nonetheless amongst the Japanese defenses were anti-tank guns and as it would turn out a few cards up their sleeves.

The initial British advances were able to move freely, although a squad accompanying the Matilda was caught unawares by a well concealed Japanese machine gun; to some losses.

The surprise to the British however was the grumbling of distant engines, revealed to be an entire squadron of Japanese light tanks. They used terrain cannily to ovoid the British armour and began to play merry hell with the advancing British infantry.

At about the same time an aerial skirmish broke out, where a novice Zero pilot was downed by a skillful Hurricane. In classic form however the Zero pilot dived his burning and crippled fighter into a British six-pounder position, destroying it utterly in a kamikaze attack.

As the day closed, the surviving British called on their armour and air power to attempt to stall the Japanese counter thrust, but ultimately destroyed only one Ha-Go tank, for the virtual decimation of their infantry attack.

At the conclusion of the day the British and Japanese were both exhausted, with substantial infantry losses, however the Japanese were sweeping around the British flank with their remaining tanks and held an anti-tank gun and light artillery detachment in reserve. The British armour was left with only a handful of infantry to support it and the one British attempt on the river had been repulsed with the loss of a Bren Gun carrier and it's troops.

Another closely contested Battlefield Evolution game. In future I will be adding some form of antiaircraft defence to the Japanese, perhaps in preference to the fighter cover which again failed to impress, despite having the good luck to crash on top of an enemy position! The Japanese armour performed admirably as a group and at a mere 330 points represents and excellent battlefield choice.

Another good game, but next time we should try it with a fully jungleified table, for something really challenging...

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