Monday, June 07, 2010

Imperial Reinforcements

Nothing to do with 40K! Instead my Japanese get some valuable reinforcement in the form of a supply of tanks from the ever reasonable Frontline Wargames. These are not the most detailed resin models by any stretch of the imagination, but Frontline have a wide range and at about £4-5 each they represent great value.

I added two more Type 95 Ha-go’s and a Type 1 Ho-Ni tank destroyer to my forces. The biggest challenge was to attempt to match the New Ha-go’s to the old one, which I painted with enamels some years ago. I managed to get most of the colours more or less right, though the base green has a slightly darker, bluish note to it than the original. Still a layer of dust and dirt does a lot to even out the effect, and the new models blend in well in the end.

Crazily, the Japanese could easily field all five of the tanks I now have within a 1500 point Battlefield Evolution army! This partly reflects the new squadron rules for tanks in the Pacific War supplement, but also the fact that light tanks like the Ha-go are very cheap and brittle units (sustained machine gun fire could take them out!). I don’t know if I could bring myself to do that to Steve’s Brits, but swarming his Matilda with a squadron of Ha-go’s is definitely on the cards.

Alternatively I can throw a Ho-Ni tank destroyer at him instead; with it's (ahem) 'massive' 75mm cannon.

Should be interesting...

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