Saturday, June 05, 2010

Massive May Pledge Total!

OK, so May, for whatever else it bore, was a good month on the painting front. Lots of part finished jobs from April kicked it off well, and these were accompanied by some easy little projects which scored high.

The first Items I'll report are a couple of Hat Sherman tanks I knocked off; one for me and one for eBay (with a supporting section or two of men). They are the later M4A3 models Hat produces IIRC and the detailing, including machine guns is far better than the original kits that form my old US armoured company.

This one above is based loosely on a vehicle that served on Iwo Jima in 1945. I particularly like the little Elephant painting. One of the Joys of US armour is that the crews frequently added little touches like this and the names of sweethearts to the tanks. As you can see this one also sports the packs of it's support troops hanging off the back; a common sight in photo's of the period.

This model is more generic, and a slightly different shade of green; it feels a bit too blue, but looked OK with a pasting of dust. It's destined for eBay and so has no specific Theatre in mind. Notice however lots of dirt.

After highlighting the basic paint scheme, I then drybrush metallics where the paint would suffer wear, then the lower part of the model get a partially dried out splattering of reddish brown for fresh dirt. The whole model then gets a couple of progressively lighter dustings of sand yellow, lightened with beige, to give a good dirty summer finish.

The two together; showing extra details on the rears.
Other than these, I also managed in the course of the month:

8th Ligne - 24 points of 28mm figs
13th Light company, Generals and Artillery - 27 points of 15mm
48 points of 20mm eBay Germans
2/10th Regiment - 24 points of 28mm figs
FW190 - 10 points of German aircraft (images later)
30 points of 20mm Japanese armour (images later)
20 points of 20mm US armour (see above)

So a massive total of 183 points, making a running total of 460 versus a target of 250. Also only 58 points of those weren't for my own collection. So that is well up too!

June looks like getting off to a good start too; but more on that later, and as ever progress can stop at any point...

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