Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gripping Beast plastic Vikings

Only recently released in the UK, I picked up a box of these the other week.

Gripping Beast's early metal Viking miniatures are a large feature of my old Viking army, and I was surprised and excited to see their first plastic miniatures released.

£18 gets you 40 rank and file models and 4 command models, plastic bases, printed banners, a brief painting guide, even a nice print of the cover art work.

The models themselves are produced to the very highest standards. The separate command frame allows for some personality, whilst the rank and file frames contain 10 poses and a good variety of equipment allowing for spearmen, swordsmen and double handed axemen.

Obviously at this stage I've not assembled any of the models, but on the sprue they appear more animated and natural than the Wargames Factory Vikings released a month or so ago. Also in price terms these are much better value (for the UK purchaser, at least).

In terms of accuracy, an initial scan gives me no concerns. GB advertise these specifically as Hirdmen, the well armed and armoured 'professional' soldiery of the Northmen; and that they are, most if not all wearing mail armour and with plentiful helmets, shields and spare weaponry.

Overall, I'm really impressed. One box will provide me with a new unit for my Viking army, and a unit of 20 Norse to add to my Dogs of War army. A great deal, and models that I am looking forward to painting.

And I'm sure they'll be a huge success for Gripping Beast.


  1. Thanks for the review! Very useful! Please keep the blog up!

  2. Toolings are produced by Renedra; but of course Gripping Beast are their own entity best known for their Dark Ages metal mini's

  3. Excellent and useful review! I shall be acquiring these and the Thegns...nice.