Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sunday Diversions

An entertaining game of Warhammer saw my Dogs of War face Jason’s Vampire Counts. Jason was apparently playing a soft Vampire army, and for most of the game I was indeed having the better of it. My usual magic and cavalry heavy force limiting Jason’s options.

Jason wasn’t getting much of his own way with the magic phase, most notably when one of his vampires was sucked into a pit of shades on turn two. However it all turned around for him when his Dire wolves, led by another Vampire managed to get a flank charge in on my headquarters. The collapse of that unit sent the rest of the army scattering to the four winds and left the field firmly in the hands of the Vampires.

One thing that is apparent is that I didn’t get enough photo’s to produce a worthwhile narrative to the game. Elsewhere I was struck by the simple delights of five inch tall cardstock Napoleonics; they have a simple charm and may become part of a future club display game.

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