Sunday, June 27, 2010

RIP Paddy Griffiths

Sad to say I found out through wargamery channels that Paddy Griffiths, author of many intelligent revisionist military history and tactical books, has died.

He wasn't especially old, but it was apparently related to an operation; damn shame.

Paddy produced any number of books which commend themselves to the wargamer for reading, not least as he does a very convincing job of shooting down a variety of well loved myths about tactics and weapons technology. His books are readily available via Amazon of course but also by his own website:

Paddy Griffith Website

I particularly enjoyed and recommend the following; though I'm sure others will be of interest:

Forward into Battle was his classic on military tactical development since the Napoleonics; and goes a long way to destroying the myth of the superiority of the weapon. Not everyone will agree but Paddy's argument that leadership is far more important than technology is strongly argued and for me convincing.

Also known as Rally Once Again in the USA; this concentrates on the American Civil War; dispelling the notion that it was fought at distance and dominated by rifle fire. He gives fascinating grounds for it turning into the static - almost trench like - warfare of the later years of the war.
Paddy made technical information readable, and always found a good argument for his case. His insight will be missed.

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