Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Small ACW Battle

I only had time for a quick game on Sunday due to the rare requirement of family commitments, more on my game later, but whilst at the club I got to see Andy and Laurie play a Black Powder American Civil War game in 6mm:

All the figures and terrain were Andy's own, I particularly like his hills which thanks to several layers of flock, look much more natural than as sold.  Three confederate brigades were tasked with seizing a vital town from Union forces.  As the game progressed it was clear that the passivity of the Union forces in their defences were not going to be enough to allow them to hold the town.

At the end it was a clear win for the South.  After the game concluded I took the opportunity to pull together the troops for a photocall; prtly an opportunity to try the new cameraphone:

Not too shabby for a phone!  And the 6mm units are pretty nice too.


  1. Looking nice, nice table and nice blog too!

  2. That looks a great game. I have avoided 6mm due to painting and wearing glasses but this has sparked my interest. Thanks for the post

  3. Lovely looking table. How do you find Black Powder at 6mm? Does it not get a little fiddly with the small units and stamina markers?

  4. Vladdd: you may just be able to see some red beads on green peg boards behind some of the units in the second picture. These were made from a girls bead-picture kit, the sort you iron to turn in to a single sheet. These allow for a very discreet marker system for any scale...