Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Saga - Norman Spearmen

So it's been quiet on the blog, once again, but there was nothing to surpass the Ornexses game I took a little time off.  But I have done some painting:

A unit of spears for Saga.  Crusader Miniatures, bought mainly as they came in packs of eight.  Neither the worst not best of models in my opinion, rather stocky with oversized hands and some of the detail is a bit basic.  Still, reasonable value.

Nothing much to say on the paint job, it's my oft used black wash technique.


  1. A good solid unit, they look fine from the photo! I picked up Saga at the weekend, looking forward to trying the rules out!

  2. I like the Crusader figures better than the older Gripping Beast.

  3. Crusader are better than the old GB range. Best though are Bill's work from the Beast