Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Perry do it again - WW2 forthcoming!


I stumbled across the news of these in the fallout from Salute.  Certainly the biggest UK Wargames show, but too far south for this blogger to ever bother with.  I rely rather on the likes of BLMA and other blogs to inform me on what goes on.  One Item I didn't pick up from them, but chanced upon elsewhere was the Three-ups for and announcement of a new range from the Perries.

The Afrika Korps and the Eight Army!

Each set will be packaged as a full platoon with supports of around 15 torsos with separate arms and headgear. Obviously the figures are eminently suitable for the Desert war, but would not look out of place around the Mediterranean in summer.

I for one am very pleased to see these, they already look fantastic.  No, I don't have an ETA, The Perries are generally cagey about such things...


  1. The price point will be interesting - will they undercut Warlord's plastics range?

  2. Hmm? I didn't see these at Salute, and I now wish I hadn't seen them here??

  3. Oh no, oh no, please!!! I don't think I will have the will to resist

  4. I would guess they could be two years away, given the timing of other figures revealed at Salute

  5. Oh no...Perry's breaking into WWII... I'm doomed!

    I love their Napoleonic stuff but I'm safe from temptation because I'm not all that bothered about the period. But if they are going into WWII then I'm done for. I'll never have the willpower to resist!