Monday, May 28, 2012

Partizan 2012 - photo gallery

Once we'd set up, and after the initial rush myself and Mark had time to wonder around the show at Partizan, taking photo's of the games that caught my eye over the course of the day.

It must be said that this is a more selective range than normal, as there were far more games than at some smaller shows and I was pushed for time, to that end I also cant provide a lot of detail on the pictures, but here we go:

Saxons versus Romano-British:

Part of Warwick Kinrade's Normandy Firefight game in 54mm.  I bought a copy of the rules on the grounds they are suitable for many scales and I felt at £10 they were not unreasonable to give a go.

The Society of Ancients had a DBA game using Tony Bath's collection of 30mm flat figures.  Their best game in the last five or six years...

A beautiful Renaissance game featuring Turks besieging a castle.

I really liked the artillery dioramas...

Medieval naval, probably Sluys, but I could be wrong.

I believe these are the Zvezda medieval cogs, with Perry crew.

Part of the Aventine game; a huge phalanx stands ready:

The battle of Boxtel 1794; Wellesley's first battle.

War of the Roses game; lovely terrain and figures.  Oddly both me and Mark were taken with how the sunken roads really improved the look of this and other boards.  Plus Teddy bear fur in various forms and uses is becoming ubiquitous...

A 28mm WWI game, which once again appears to throw all the toys it could onto one table: planes, tanks, trenches, siege artillery, railway, craters....

40mm toy soldiery, somewhere in the nineteenth century.  A charming little old school game:

Some chaps put on a Yugoslavia game!  More photo's in a few days but here's a teaser of M84's advancing in the sun...

A nice big 28mm Napoleonics battle:

Vikings in Vinland; a real Where's Wally (Waldo) game; with masses going on.  My main issue is I didn't think any part of Newfoundland had terrain like this...

Lastly some photo's of a 28mm Blitzkrieg game in France, featuring lots of excellent model tanks.

Particularly this monster; the Char D2:

With running a game, and having failed to trouble the traders much last week at Triples, I didn't part with much cash at Partizan either, though I was able to pick up The Osprey book "Armies of the Napoleonics Wars" for just £12; myself and a trader bought the only copies available before the punters arrived.  Sorry folks!

Partizan is a bit of a trek from Leeds and I'm not sure it was going to get our club any new members, but it is one of the nicest venues for a show; and for me a relaxing day compared to events like Recon or Fiasco.  I'm glad I made an effort; but more on that in a day or two...


  1. Great pics!!!! The medieval cogs are simply magnificent!

  2. Hi Thanks for including a picture of my game. More can be found on my website at

    Garry Wills