Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Triples 2012* - the Rest of the Show

I had ambitious plans for this post, but the technology defeats me so instead I'm just going to have to bombard you with photographs.  Sorry.

Barnsley's 20mm Sicily WW2 using Kampfgruppe Normandy:

Like a Stone Wall; Mons Salient 1914:

Glory Boys (?): 6mm Barossa 1811

Leeds Nightowls; Screening Cagny 1944 - 20mm WW2

Leeds Wargames Society; San Carlos Water:

Too Fat Lardies; Dux Britannium

L'Ordre Mixte; Ostrowono 6mm Napoleonics

It's English Civil War in 15mm and I've seen it before, but it wasn't on the lists:

SFSFW; Doctor Who in 28mm:

Rotherham Wargaming Society; 20mm Modern Africa:

GWP3: A Very British Civil War in 28mm:

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (?): In cold Blood - Victorian Fantasy:

Penarth and District: 40mm Texan-Mexican War

SOTCW: Kursk 1943:

Doncaster WG Soc (?): Aargh Monster (?):

Sheffield and Rotherham: 20mm Force on Force Vietnam:

Lance and Longbow Society: Grandson 1476:

Scarab Miniatures: War and Conquest:

Company of Veterans: Borodino 15mm:

British Legion: The Falklands 20mm Force on Force:

Burton and District Wargamers: 15mm American War of Independence:

Abbey Wood Irregulars and Associates: 1957 Honduran-Nicaraguan war 10mm:

So was it a good show; well, it was ok; a little lacking in spectacle with the exception of a couple of games only.  But some more interesting games on than usual so that was nice.  Also good to chat to people and generally mooch around for a couple of hours.  In the end my purchases, despite plentiful traders present, barely made the journey worth it, but it is a long time since I went to gaming shows to shop.

Not a bad little day.

(*Obviously the observant noticed I cocked up on where I was; my incompetance has now been corrected, and medication increased!)