Friday, May 25, 2012

Partizan Preamble

Want to find out who's responsible for the drivel in this blog?  Want to see yet another slightly laclustre display game, hastily thrown together with a distinct lack of professionalism?  Want a chance to buy more toy soldiers you don't really need, and have to hide from the wife on your return home?

Well, Too Much Lead will be at Partizan this weekend!  I'm displaying for the Leeds Nightowls, with a game of Force on Force for the Yugoslav Civl War:

It's been some fifteen years since I last went to Partizan, and that too was for a display game, that got my one and only magazine shoot for Wargames Illustrated (an AK47 game , with Dock, Airport and Railway staition).  So despite the long journey and the inevitable stress of running a game, I'm looking forward to it.

If you are there, I'll be the one running the game, NOT in a Nightowls t-shirt, so feel free to say hello!

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