Sunday, May 13, 2012

Comedy Goblins trounce Elves

So I had time only for a quick game on Sunday, so I volunteered myself for a 1500 point game of Warhammer Fantasy against one of the club regulars.  Not having an appropriate list available, I wrote one beforehand that was also intended to minimise the amount of boxes of figures I'd need to bring along.  The answer turned out to be a list entirely comprised of goblins, and strictly for comedy value I decided to field one gigantic unit of (more or less) all my goblin spears.

Against this I found myself up against an equally comedic list, a 2000 point High Elf list with all the magic, war machines, chariots, eagles and so on removed to make it in to a 1500 point list.

We deployed for a Blood and Glory scenario, which rather suited me as getting up close and personal was going to be fast and furious.  As you can see the rest of my army was formed of two small units of goblin bows, a unit of wolfriders with a second warlord; and a couple of trolls.  I also got the first turn and so decided on a headlong advance.

The Gobliny mass looked mighty impressive as it rolled across the battlefield.  Here you can also see the Warlord, Bosses and one of the Shamans that supported it.

As to the actual battle, my opponent was fortunate at least that my goblin shamans rolled poorly for spells and only had the weak magic.  Magic was mainly limited to buffs and hexes of definite but marginal value.  My opponent tried to hammer the goblin spear unit with his Swordmasters and Phoenix guard but a hex induced failed charge meant only the Swordmasters went in, and in doing so they got slammed by the goblins fanatic; before getting stabbed up.

His spear unit was distracted by the wolf riders, whilst the Seaguard wondered around the trees trying to get at one unit of bows.

Eventually, my goblins, both spears and wolf riders engaged the Elves.  It should have been all over for them, but the Wolf riders turned out to be a unit of complete pussues, and after inflicting fewer than half a dozen casualties, ran off never to return.

And so a long grinding match began, neither of us getting close to any form of victory, but the sheer numbers of goblins meant that I kept hanging in there.

After six turns it was on table at least inconclusive; and so it turned to points, at which stage the sheer volume of my remaining units meant that I was a comfortable unit to the goblins.


It's not often the goblins beat the elves, but this was to be fair not the most demanding battle.

But an entertaining couple of hours anyway.

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  1. A great game, sounds like a lot of fun! Comedy lists are always the best.