Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Night of the Goats

A black and grey mass of Beastmen advanced menacingly into the realm of Sylvania; set upon pillage and destruction.  In response, Lady Alcourasta sent forth the minions of vampires to make their bodies part of her own army of undeath....

Battle lines formed.  A large body of Grave guard with one of Alcourasta's trusted aide, Melkhani was flanked by ghouls and Skeletons with the necromancer, Bayern the Crooked.  Ahead of them masses of brooding creatures, half man, half goat, assembled, flanked by massive minotaurs and chariots.

Melkhani led her troops forward, and began summoning forth the dark powers of undeath, to both speed her allies and cast a pall upon the enemy.  To her left, wraiths swept through the blackened grass as floating spectres of fear and death, their ethereal forms string terror into those before them who knew they could do them no harm.
Nonetheless the Beastmen cam on in their fashion, and tried to make contact with what they saw as brittle bones.  Bayern had summoned the long dead in thin lines to block their advance however, and so it was at every turn the goats found the clear stench of rotting flesh between them and their true goal.  Elsewhere the Wraiths swept Ungors before them, and floated nightmarishly into a hapless chariot bearing one of the Beastmen's shaman.

The Ghouls and Wraiths made short work of many of the enemy, including the Minotaurs; but Bayern was in great danger, having finally been engaged by forces that had cut through his wall of Zombies.  Moreover one of the Gor units, at the cost of it's own lives, had thinned out the numbers of Grave Guard.

Melkhani responded by summoning up her undead in still greater numbers, and turned for what would be the titanic struggle of the night.

It was in single combat that the undead came undone, After a long struggle, it was only misfortune for Melkhani, as a might Beastlord hacked her down.  From this point on the army of Undead began to crumble in such a fashion as to ensure the Beasts the field.  They were badly bruised force too, but theirs would be the victory and the spoils of Sylvania were now open to them.

This was a 2500 point game that for the first four turns was all going my way; in particular James had not magic weapons to counter my Wraiths and so they pretty much instantly beat anyone they contacted.  My magic was more effective than his too and helped put him on the back foot.  But his two combat units were able between them to take down my Deathstar unit; and with that gone the army was helpless.  One unit was doing flaming attacks, which nullified my regeneration, and the other was using magic to maximise it's character attacks, and sought to maximise the unit attacks too against my Vampire.

She let me down in particular by failing two 5+ ward and then both 4+ regens in the same turn, left on one hit, she was always going to go down to massed attacks.

A good tough game, and a fun match up; I hope to face the beasts again, and give em what for!


  1. Good to see that massed units can beat magic led armies. It gives me hope for my planned Dwarf warrior hordes.
    Excellent write up.

  2. Nice battle report, still looks weird seeing Beastmen all ranked up like that.