Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leeds Wargaming Centre (Sponsored Promotion?)

Not so many months ago I reviewed Geek Games, a new gaming store opened by a keen young lad in the Leeds area; well that small endeavour was only the start of his ambitions, and Geek Games has now transformed into,

The Leeds Wargaming Centre.

Craig, the owner, has managed to find a site within reach of the centre of Leeds with room for all his ambitions to develop, and with the aid of the Leeds Night Owls (my regular gaming club) has set up not just a shop, but a gaming venue for wargames enthusiasts to congregate and relax, as well as shop of course.

 The official opening was just this weekend, though informally the store had been open for several weeks.  Inside the spacious room there are currently 21 six by four foot tables set up, with plenty of themed scenery for many different games available.  A separate painting and modelling table is set up, and there is also a retail section for reinforcements and accessories.

Thanks to the generosity of friends and associates, the store has got it's hands on plenty of showpiece terrain for games, and the use of a table costs you just £1 each all day.  A good deal in my mind.

Craig hopes to run regular tournaments, this week kicking off with a Malifaux tourney that had 24 attendees (though I stuck to Warhammer), The Night Owls and others have already organised several tourneys for the rest of the year.  If there are any criticisms at present it would have to be the lack of stock to buy, though steadily improving as new stock trickles in, and the untidiness of some corners of the space; which still need a finishing touch or two.

Still it's a much more liberal space than your average Games Workshop, with any game being welcome, not just what Craig sells, and toilets and refreshments also available on site.

If your local, support it, it's worth it!

One issue you may have is finding it, the address for the LWC is:

Leeds Wargaming Centre

Norden House
1st floor (door is located on the main road)
322a Meanwood Road
Leeds   LS7 2JF

And the cunningly hidden entrance is here:

There is plenty of parking on side streets, but on the main road is limited.  At the weekend you can park round the back easily enough though.  Opening hours at the minute:

Wednesday - 4 to 11

Thursday - 12 to 6
Friday - 12 to 6
Saturday - 10 to 6
Sunday - 10 to 6

Right I think Craig's had enough of a plug out of me today.  I hope he appreciates what some free Ghoul models can get you in return (wink, wink).

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  1. I'd attend if I lived near it (instead of being 8 time zones away).

    Nevertheless it is good to read about something like this . . . and I hope that he gains a good and growing clientele.

    -- Jeff