Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black sun rises over Wissenschaft

Rather than watch class and privilege formalise it's breeding arrangements and monarchistic legitimacy the other week, I had my second game of Anima Tactics.  My opponent Steve was making his return to the club after several months away, and was new to the game; so alongside catching up, we took a leisurely pace through a game of 250 levels.

Steve had a Wissenschaft team comprising XII (a level 60 leader, I should add, rather obviously, that levels are the games' equivalent to a points value), Lorenzo and Rayne, all combat heavy.  These were backed up with Alessa Raincross, a ranged specialist, and IIRC a single Wissenschaft agent - essentially a rank and file fighter.

Steve deployed in cover (on this splendid little terrain board, originally made for Malifaux games), and used his advanced deployment abilities to reposition his troops after I had deployed.  In essence he bravely opted to hide from me!

Of course this was only a temporary ruse. 

For my part I had what is my new expanded force, Led by Clover (at 70 levels), backed up by Promethea and Styx, Sphia Ilmora; and two Type 005's.

Mine was, and remained throughout the game a dense formation, as the three true combat units in my force needed the buffs and upgrades that Promethea and Sophia could offer.

Early in the game, Steve looked to hold the upper hand, being more manoeuvrable and seeking to target my Type 005's, he was to finish one off in short order, shooting it with XII and then sending Rayne in to finish it off.  But he was not aware of the effect killing one of these beasts had, and was surprised and severely wounded by it when the corpse exploded at the end of the turn.

Elsewhere Steve threw out his agent as a lure, in some sense I think he thought she was safe, but Clover used his dexterity to get around the cover she was in and executed her with a single devastating blow.

At this, Steve declared this was his plan all along and threw Lorenzo into the fray.  I think he was soon disappointed to discover that Lorenzo was no match for not only, Clover, but also for the tactical advice of Sophia, and magic of Promethea.  He ended up defeated too.  Though by this point Clover was also wounded.

I had by now lost both Type 005's as Alessa snuck around sniping at them and others.  Still feeling he held the upper hand, Steve launched XII in a grand attack Firing on Clover and then charging in.

Clover weathered the initial storm, and then received some welcome additional healing; one thing I'd learnt from my first game was that sequencing your actions is all important.  Steve had shot his bolt too early, and I was able to buff Clover with additional attack strength from both Sophia and Promethea before responding.

Over two rounds, Clover smashed XII into the ground, my second attack would have finished him off on its own.  With only a weakened Rayne and Alessa left; Steve conceded defeat.

Initially a tight game, I discovered that my Leader, properly supported, is an absolute monster!  His attack power is awesome, and his ability to self heal critical.  Steve had a well organised force, but much as I had in my first game, suffered for not sensing the subtleties of play until it was on the table.

Overall, a much better way to spend the time than watching a wedding.

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  1. Sunds like a fun game and lovely looking terrain board too.