Sunday, May 29, 2011

Iron Owl Trophy - LWC's First Painting Competition

Promotional time again.

[Click image for a bigger picture]

The Leeds Wargames Centre, mainly thanks to the organisation of Wayne Pashley of the Leeds NightOwls, is to hold a free and open painting competition on the 6th August.  Entry is for anyone who can get their models there on the day, and victory will be based on voting by any attendees during the event.

There will be prizes; a Malifaux boxed set and blisters from Wyrd miniatures, paint sets and miniatures from Mantic, boxed set and blisters from Corvus Belli (infinity), a few boxsets from The Wargaming Centre (whatever craig chooses to donate) and a pair of limited edition Wolfen miniatures by Rackham (again donated by Craig).

Full terms and conditions are here.

There's no theme, and pretty much anything can be entered.  I already have an idea for what I'm going to put forward, and I'm going to play to my strengths; but for the best of reasons I may be a little cagey about showing progress towards it on the blog beforehand.  Given that the club has a couple of Golden Demon standard painters it may be no more than an honourable mention for effort for me.

And of course, banging up publicity on my blog, may well bring in a ringer for the day too!

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