Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kicking the little Guys, when they're down

Recently, I had a free Saturday (one of many to come I suspect), and managed to arrange a couple of small games of Warhammer; 1500 points.  Not having used them in a long time, I rolled out the Dwarves for a rare foray.

Faced with what seemed an obscene amount of Skaven, things did not look good, and indeed that was pretty much the case.  An army of numerous proxies included a doomwheel and two warp lightning cannons.  The main brutality was to come from the plague monks, with a war alter thing and a Seer.

Spells thinned out my numbers as badly as general misfortune (an irresistible force spell killed 15 Dwarf warriors straight away, making my horde formation worthless, and did pretty much no harm to it's caster; then my Grudge Thrower exploded).

At this stage the remainder of the Dwarven warriors got into combat, only to get blown up by exploding slaves.  My miners arrived to try and help, but the monks forced the Longbeards to attack, and that was it.  A ridiculous massacre of so one sided and complex a nature that my brain can no longer comprehend exactly what happened.  From a unit of 16, only two got to attack back (i.e. were still alive). 

Even though they stood; I conceded.  Why prolong the inevitable.

Why have one walkover defeat, when you can have two?

Next up were Demons, an army I'd never faced before.  It was far less one sided, with my Grudge Thrower having a much better game.  but still the result went comfortably in my opponents favour after about three turns.

Most of the Leeds Wargames Centre was devoted to a Malifaux tourney, but there were several games of Warhammer Fantasy on as well, including a massive 6,000 pointer between Jason, and a Tomb King player, Daz.

Ultimately the Tomb Kings won, but as an opportunity in squeezing as many models on to a 6x4 foot table, it was pretty impressive.


  1. Sounds like it was just one of those days....

  2. Should have played Kings of War instead ;-)